Rome Alexander – My Angel


Pittsburgh crooner Rome Alexander’s unique style is gaining a lot of momentum amongst R&B fans. His single and video for “My Angel” is living proof that there are still singers with class out there. I just got finished watching it and here’s my official $.02

The Good: This guy is definitely unique. He has an unorthodox tone which is why I dig this guy. He doesn’t have to mimic the Chris Browns and the Ushers of the world like so many other artists. He’s a one man show; writing, producing, arranging and performing his own compositions. Director Chris Ivey does a great job connecting the audio with the visual. A man showing his appreciation for his lady never gets old.

The Bad: There are a few inconspicuous errors (color correction and no white balance and lack of lighting in darker scenes) that would have made the filming aspect more crisp. Otherwise it’s a dope video.

Overall: The stars are definitely shining bright for this guy. He’s an artist that we’ll be seeing a lot of in the upcoming quarters and this video solidifies his many talents. Check him out and add to his amassing YouTube view count. That’s my $.02. What’s yours?

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