Reviews: Yucca Rose



Yucca Rose is an accomplished painter/jazz singer based in Jakarta, Indonesia who brings listeners smooth, silky Jazz that is comfortable, familiar, and right on track. She sings the classic jazz melodies flawlessly, and provides fans with great songs to kick back, relax, and enjoy.

Rose’s account of “Fever” stays true to the original, well-known version. It starts out nice and smooth; the backing instrumentation provided by the Jakarta band Major Seventh is spot-on. The saxophone and piano go well with Rose’s earthy, throaty scatting vocals. While her traditional vocals are perfectly adequate, there is nothing there that is really all that memorable or impressive. On the familiar 1935 track “I’m in the Mood for Love,” Rose continues to provide listeners with a great interpretation of the popular jazz standard. Her voice is strong, and the piano and oboe strokes featured on the song perfectly complement Rose’s smooth vocals. There is nothing on this track to not like. A more upbeat song by Rose is “In a Sentimental Mood.” Written by Duke Ellington, it has more of a funky vibe to it than the previous two songs. The guitar and drums, provided by Major Seventh, are phenomenal, and Rose’s singing is much stronger than on the other two tracks. Here, she sings in a higher register, and hits all of the notes with no struggle. Her vocals are soothing, pleasant, and sweet. The saxophone solo mid-song is blazing and the backing guitar and bass add to the magic.

Yucca Rose is a talented musician who knows what good, classic Jazz tunes are made of. She interprets well-known, popular Jazz standards of yore flawlessly, without missing a beat. Jazz fans young and old will appreciate her versions of these records. Rose’s take on these classics stand up to the originals, and hopefully hers will stand the test of time as well.