Reviews: Hudson Henry – Hudson Henry EP



You’ve heard a lot of musicians, specifically Acoustic musicians in your lifetime. They show up at coffee houses with their hollow body guitars and average songs hoping that the noise of the crowd doesn’t drown out their set. As you sit and watch yet another individual who should have been an accountant instead of a singer you start to wonder if someone who will grace the stage with something fresh, new and exciting. Enter Hudson Henry.

Hudson Henry is that guy, seriously. He has a great look, a solid musical foundation and most importantly a distinct voice that will keep the ladies longing for more. He’s a one man band; he writes plays and arranges all of the instruments played on each track. His new EP, the “Hudson Henry EP” is a solid six song piece filled with stories of love gained and love lost. Henry’s lead track “Break My Fall” is a mid-tempo power ballad that will draw listeners to it like moths to a flickering flame. The song’s melody, instrumentation and vocal performance unite and give you, the listener, a soothing, sensual listening experience. Perhaps the best and most intriguing track on the EP is “We Will Rise”. This emotionally dramatic inspirational song calls us all to action; to take charge and own our destiny. Henry’s percussion performance is outstanding. His fluid piano keystrokes rise and combine with hard-hitting percussion; ending the song in a powerful and lasting way.

The Hudson Henry EP is a powerful six track EP which contains a slew of potential Acoustic hits. While the conceptual depth of the EP isn’t vast (seriously, how many different ways can you make a song about getting your feelings hurt?), Hudson’s unique voice is pleasantly new and interesting. This skilled Los Angeles based singer/songwriter is set to carve his was into the top of many musical charts with his energetic Acoustic/Rock sound.