These Curious Thoughts


These Curious Thoughts is an Indie Rock band made up of American Jamie Radford and British musician Sean Dunlop. These two artists have a unique sound, and interesting musical concepts. This band does not fit into a neat mold, which makes their music interesting and ground-breaking.

“Because She is Love” is a slow song with a melancholy start to it. The weeping sound of the guitars and Dunlop’s keening vocals gives a depressed mood to the music. His voice is reminiscent of Michael Stipe of REM, with its higher range. His vocals are mellow, which hypnotizes the listener into the somber mood of the song, and is a bit off key at times. Right when the listener is about to drown in the somber tone of the track, the background instrumentation kicks in with a more upbeat feel. The song becomes more upbeat and even catchy, with great guitar and drums adding to the sound. The only downfall is Dunlop’s off-key singing– it takes away from the lush sound of the instrumentation. Another offering by the band is the song “Lead Balloon.” The title of the song is fitting, since it seems like the track is as heavy as a lead with its gloomy lyrics and overly somber tones. Again, the backing instrumentation is the saving grace of the song, which counter-balances against Dunlop’s weak, off-key vocals. “Daughter of Morpheus” is a faster, funkier, more playful song by the band. It has an almost 80′s vibe, like a classic Cars tune. It’s catchy and upbeat at first…. then it goes off the beaten path with a change in tempo and composition. It slows down, and is mostly a piano arrangement with hardly any lyrics. They should have stuck with the upbeat vibe instead of veering off into an experimental mess that doesn’t really translate well. It’s clear that Radford and Dunlop are trying to do something different, almost Beatle-esque in their aspirations to abruptly change course in the middle of a song, but it does not work for them.

These Curious Thoughts is a band that is not afraid to step out of the comfort zone to create experimental and unique sounds. They mostly succeed in their vision, but they need to do some work before they can have complete success. With some improvements made on vocals and finding ways to successfully translate different concepts through music will set them on their way to a more successful music career!

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